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Welcome to O-YOO

O-YOO are a dedicated team driven by a simple ethos – consumer fairness in formal and non-formal contractual arrangements.

Exiting Your Timeshare

To find out more about O-YOO and how we can help, call us on 0845 504 8585

Maintenance Fees Explained

We hear from many owners who are dissatisfied at the rising costs of their maintenance fees.

Patience Is Profit

At O-YOO we frequently get asked how long it takes to conclude a court claim. Watch our video to see how the longer a court claim takes, is earning you legal interest.

Timeshare Claims Myths. Episode 1.

Can your Spanish timeshare be resolved in a few months? Timeshare Claims are shrouded in confusion. Here at O-YOO, we are busting the most commonly believed myths to give you a clearer picture of the truth.

Timeshare Claims Myths. Episode 2.

Can You Always Claim Back Double The Deposit Paid? In this second episode of our Timeshare Claims Myths video series we explore if it´s true that you can always claim back double the amount you paid as a deposit.

Timeshare Claims Myths. Episode 3.

What Not To Fall For When Receiving a Cold Call About a Timeshare Claim. Watch O-YOO´s third episode of our Timeshare Claims Myths video series to find out what not to fall for when receiving a cold call about a timeshare claim.

Timeshare Claims Myths. Episode 4.

Is Your Claim Guaranteed to Win? O-YOO´s fourth episode of the Timeshare Claims Myths series looks to uncover the truth when owners are told their timeshare claim is guaranteed to win.

Timeshare Claims Myths. Episode 5.

Find out in this episode if it´s true that you don´t need your purchase documents to process a claim and why…


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