Timeshare Claims, Your Essential Guide

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Uncover the facts from the fiction

In this FREE guide, we will uncover the facts from the fiction and put to bed a few myths:

  • Your Spanish Timeshare claim can be resolved in a matter of months
  • You can always claim double the amount back in compensation
  • Your claim has been resolved, the money is waiting, you just need to pay the court fees
  • Your claim is guaranteed to win
  • You don’t need to have all of your purchase documents to process a claim
  • You need to exit your Timeshare contract before you claim
Find out the Legal Position of Your Timeshare Contract from a Specialist Lawyer

Is Your Timeshare Contract Compliant With Legislation?

What Are Your Legal Rights?

Could You Be Entitled To Have Your Contract Legally Terminated and Claim Money Back?


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