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We are currently helping owners to break free of their timeshare contracts with Marriott Vacation Club and many have told us how they were misrepresented during the sales presentation. 

Marriott timeshare contracts under legal scrutiny are:

The Supreme Court has confirmed that many Anfi contracts that were entered into after 5th January 1999 are illegal and could be declared null and void. If your Anfi ownership falls into the following circumstances, you could be entitled to a full refund, legal interest, and legal costs:

• Contracts in perpetuity or contracts than run for longer than 50 years
• Floating weeks
• Points contracts
• Fractional ownerships

Those who purchased…

…into a buy-to-let scheme were encouraged to buy a fixed week for which they were given a rental income each year and were under the impression that after a fixed period of 5 years, the value would have risen by at least 25%, which would earn a generous profit once sold.

Owners are told that there would be no problem in selling, as the unit and resort they own are very desirable and the booming timeshare industry would ensure a quick sale.

Other sold benefits to the Marriott Vacation Club ownership are:

• That the timeshare was an investment that would increase in value
• Wide availability on holiday bookings
• That the timeshare could be sold at a profit
• That the owner’s family could enjoy the benefits of the timeshare in the event of their death
• That the facilities were only available for members and not the general public
• That they would have access to huge discounts of up to 40% on flights, cars and excursions through a membership with RCI.

Many owners were encouraged to pay a deposit on the day of signing the contract, infringing on Spanish Timeshare Directive 42/1998 which has already seen many contracts invalidated since it was implemented in January 1999.

If you purchased a timeshare at Marriotts Vacation Club and found: 

  • That your maintenance fees are significantly increasing
  • You are worried about passing the liability on to your next of kin
  • That there is a lack of availability… 

…then contact O-YOO on the form below and we’ll call you back to find out what your circumstances are and give you your options, free of charge and with no obligation. 


If you have experienced any of the above issues, contact O-YOO to see if you could qualify for a claim. Press the button below to return to contact form or just call us directly on 0203 885 2719.