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Following high-pressure selling techniques applied during a timeshare presentation lasting several hours, many people have found themselves tied to an unwanted timeshare contract with Heritage Resorts.  

Many of these owners are now pursuing claims against Heritage Resorts for the following criteria:

• Floating weeks
• Perpetuity contracts
• Failed trade-ins for existing timeshare
• Deposits taken within the cooling off period

Familiar techniques such as the scratch card have been used to lure unsuspecting holidaymakers from the street for the inevitable “win”.  The prize is for a free 1-week holiday on the premise that they have to attend a “holiday ownership” meeting.  During the presentation they are shown high-quality accommodation and many people have reported that it was ensured wherever possible that they were never without a drink in hand. 

Many promises are made during the sales pitch including:

• The ownership is an “investment” that they can make a profit from
• That they can sell the ownership at any time
• Vast availability when booking their holiday
• Periods when they can use their timeshare
• The high standard of accommodation
• Discounts at their restaurants

All verbal statements were never recorded or included in the timeshare contract and a deposit was taken during the cooling off period on many occasions.  Owners have found that upon arrival of their first year’s entitlement use, and to their dismay, they have been shown to below standard accommodation, which was different to what they were initially shown on the presentation.  An inquiry as to why, brings the answer that they are in the accommodation as stated in their contract, and that this is the accommodation they agreed to pay for.

It has been reported to O-YOO that when owners have requested to sell their timeshare, staff at Heritage Resorts have told them that due to market conditions, timeshares are not selling, and then have then proceeded to try to sell an upgrade to make the ownership ‘more sellable’. 

We have heard that those who are late paying their maintenance fees have received threatening phone calls from Heritage Resorts or have even had their debt passed to a debt collector to try to enforce.  Owners have felt mislead and bullied and are now looking for a way out of their contract.

Many Heritage Resorts floating contracts have also come under scrutiny due to the fact that they do not adhere to Spanish timeshare law 42/1998 which states that contracts must contain a description of the building, it’s location, and registration data and other necessary information indicating the right of usage in terms of times, start dates and end dates.

If you purchased a timeshare at Heritage Resorts and need advice, contact O-YOO on the form below and we’ll be happy to feedback your options, free of charge, with no obligation.


If you have experienced any of the above issues, contact O-YOO to see if you could qualify for a claim. Press the button below to return to contact form or just call us directly on 0203 885 2719.