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Many owners of Club Paradiso will now be aware that the company is liquidating or closing down most of its resorts including Excel Overseas Holdings, Keys Concierge and Signallia who are amongst a large group of companies that are currently under investigation for tax evasion.  Owners who have weeks that are booked are being told that they cannot stay at the club and are being moved to other resorts, at a further cost to them.

While this is not good news for Silverpoint, this is very good news for owners who have signed a timeshare contract at one of Silverpoint´s companies as this is the time to make a claim.  Some owners may have an expanded portfolio due to a clever ´investment` scheme invented by Silverpoint/Resort Properties which saw many owners accumulate a portfolio on the pretext of selling them on to other buyers at a profit.  Read more about this here (link to other silverpoint page)

Owners of the following contracts are pursuing claims through the Spanish courts now:

• Timeshare weeks
• Timeshare points
• Timeshare ownerships

If you signed a timeshare contract with any of the companies above, are experiencing increasingly high maintenance fees and are stuck in a long-term contract, get in touch with O-YOO to see if you qualify for a claim to get your money back.

We do not cold call, so get in touch with us about your Club Paradiso ownership by using the form below.


If you have experienced any of the above issues, contact O-YOO to see if you could qualify for a claim. Press the button below to return to contact form or just call us directly on 0203 885 2719.