Have you heard…? You can finally stop paying your maintenance fees!

We hear from many timeshare owners that they are sick of paying the rising costs of maintenance fees while failing to see enough value from them.

It’s very common for timeshare owners to not be warned by the resort of the annual increase in their maintenance fees, and this is one of the reasons why so many people are looking to get rid of their timeshare ownership.

As you’ve probably heard, timeshare owners are certainly on a winning streak…There is currently a new wave of successful cases, as timeshare resorts are rewarding the money that is rightfully owed to the owners.

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To fully understand why maintenance fees are considered as such a burden to owners across the globe, try having a look at the amount of money that can be taken each year from fees alone.

The table below demonstrates how much an owner can pay on maintenance fees of £600 depending on the duration of the contract in comparison with the total amount that the resort can earn based on 500 rooms.

Contract Years Maintenance fees per year First Year Assumed average % annual increase in fees Maintenance fees at final year Total Paid by owner over contract term Total paid to resort based on 500 rooms at end of contract period
10 £600.00 5% £930.00 £7,546.74 £3,773,367.76
20 £600.00 5% £1,516.00 £12,292.80 £6,146,418.47
30 £600.00 5% £2,469.00 £20,023.70 £10,011,868.02
40 £600.00 5% £4,022.00 £32,616.60 £16,308,278.02
50 £600.00 5% £6,552.00 £53,128.90 £26,564,466.44

If you’re curious as to how you can get money back from your resort or you’d like to get your contract assessed to see if you qualify for a claim, call us. 01793 251 080