The timeshare claims industry has come a long way with many successful cases, bringing justice to owners around the world. These triumphant victories have all sprouted from the first notorious court battle held against Anfi Resorts.

After the passing of her husband, Tove Grimsbo was eager to dispose of her timeshare due to both emotional and financial struggles. Although her case had valid reasoning supporting it, Anfi refused to accept the argument and denied any form of refund.

With the guidance of a lawyer in Gran Canaria, her epic legal battle began, leading to appeal after appeal and making it the first case of its kind to be heard in The Supreme Court in Madrid – Spain’s Highest Court.

This case brought the Law 42/98 into practice for the first time and in March 2015, the judgement was issued, making legal history within the industry and granting Tove Grimsbo her right to claim from the resort.

This led to a chain reaction of disgruntled timeshare owners reaching out to lawyers in order to take their case to court, with Anfi being the most prevalently targeted resort.

Claims against Anfi Resorts have recently been seeing notable rise in success, as one of the most recent case highlights a figure of around £20,000 anticipated monies to be paid and a further £15,300 to make up for the years that the timeshare was out of use. In addition to this, the company will be required to pay legal costs and interest for the duration of the wait between the initial claim request and the full and final payment.

This case is one of the many claims that have been taken out against this Norwegian tourism company and with the success rate continuing to soar, a shockwave of cases have materialised against Anfi, with customers requesting that they reimburse the fees that are so rightfully owed.

It is a promising time for those who are interested in filing a claim against their timeshare company, as these Anfi victories are only scratching the surface of the potential that the industry has to offer.

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