Thousands of  timeshare owners across the UK are struggling to get out of their ownership and we hear of more and more disgruntled clients each day who tell us about their timeshare troubles, including many others who signed their contracts with companies that are registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) or Isle of Man.

In the claims industry, there is a lot of false information given to timeshare owners regarding the legal position of their contract. This information can be misleading, so we recommend that your timeshare contract should always be reviewed by a lawyer who can give you the correct information regarding the applicable law to your contract.

We are pleased to report that there is good news for owners whose contracts were signed in the BVI or Isle of Man.

For a long while, the judges in the Spanish courts have been considering this issue. While every case is different, if an owner can show any proof that they have used their timeshare on Spanish territory, then the courts can, and will, consider your claim!

This is a huge victory for consumers and really shows that despite any crafty tactics that the timeshare companies try to use, they will eventually be caught out!

So, make sure that you are armed with all the facts before you rule out your claiming possibilities completely!

If anyone has ever told you that you’re unable to claim in relation to BVI or the Isle of Man timeshare resorts, or you simply just want to know if you can qualify for a claim, get in touch!

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