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We represent your consumer rights!

We have enough experience to know the problems that timeshare owners are facing in terms of contracts that are in breach of timeshare regulations.  Here at O-YOO, we are dedicated to giving timeshare owners the opportunity to restore their contractual rights and where possible, claim money back.  We will make sure that we find the best solution for you, give you access to top legal services and see that the whole process runs smoothly from start to finish.


We have a panel of leading Marbella law firms in partnership with us

We realise that there are many possibilities to claim, and that the more options we have to bring legal expertise to our clients, the better service we can provide, and the higher the chance of success.  Our panel of law firms have been selected (we by them as much as them by us) because of their legal expertise in the areas of timeshare, property law and contract law, all in compliance with law under the Spanish Civil Code.  You can watch videos about our collaborating partners and their views on opportunities to claim on the video section of the O-YOO website


We Offer a Personalised Transparent Service

In an industry full of mistrust, our aim is to make you feel confident with our service throughout all stages of the process. That’s why we leave no stone unturned when it comes to even the smallest of details. We don’t stray away from questions and we’re always here if you need to speak to us regarding any doubts or concerns with your case. After all, helping you helps us.


It’s Advice You Can Rely On

Having over 30 years of collective experience within the timeshare industry has provided us with valuable knowledge and together with our partnering law firms, we can help you break free from your contractual obligations. If you’ve had a disappointing experience with your holiday resort, you deserve an easy run through with the cancellation process and we want to make sure that you receive the best service when you choose us. We can provide you with expert legal advice from our partner law firms.



We have a name that no one is sure how to pronounce or what it means

When coming up with the concept for O-YOO we considered what we stand for as a company – consumer rights, which includes claiming back money owed to consumers.  In terms of unfair or illegal contracts, at least one party has usually suffered an element of financial loss and by processing a court claim with the intention of redeeming that money back, that party feels that they are owed to financially.

So, who owes YOO?  Does your finance company O-YOO?  Does your timeshare resort O-YOO?


We’re Not Just a Claims Company

Here at O-YOO, we love to give advice.  We hear from many timeshare owners who just want clarification of their legal position and to tell us about their negative experience with their ownership. There are times when we are unable to help people because their contract doesn’t fall under the criteria of a claim.  But even then, we will refer the owner to the relevant government body for advice if we are unable to give it, such as advice on their financial position.


We’re Upfront About Prices

As exiting your timeshare does come at a cost, it’s important that you feel comfortable with your decision. That’s why, aside from our claims services, we offer a free consultation where you can meet with one of our experts who will assess your contract for the viability of a claim according to the criteria that our partner law firms have given to us. We work closely with the lawyers to make sure that our clients’ timeshare contracts fit the criteria that allows them to pursue a claim.  We always analyse your contract and provide you with claim options to find a suitable price.

We stress that this free consultation does not tie you down to any future processes or costs – it’s an opportunity for you to get an in-depth explanation of your chance to claim, after which, you can walk away and consider your next steps alone.  As each individual case is different, we don’t offer a set price. However, we are happy to arrange a meeting for us to determine the cost of your claims process.


Fee options

We know how important price is, so we have come up with a structure where the claim award due to be received can be offset against part of the upfront legal fees.  With different options available, we give more opportunities to owners who do not want the expense of paying all of the legal fees upfront.

We can also offer part-payment schedules in certain cases.


Restoration is Your Right

The Spanish Supreme Court ruling in 2015 paved the way for thousands of timeshare owners to claim money back following implementation of the previous regulations that gave grounds for many timeshare contracts to be deemed as null and void.

If you believe your contract breached these regulations, we can help to make you aware of your legal position and the best course of action to pursue.



A Friendly Team of Consultants

We’re normal people, just like you.  Most of all, we understand the situations that timeshare owners are faced with when their timeshare becomes a problem, and any financial liabilities such as outstanding finance or maintenance fees and we do our best to offer a solution to resolve these issues.

We’re here to listen and give you your options to try and solve your conflict and where possible, to claim your money back.

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