Here at O-YOO we are commonly asked how long it takes to conclude a court claim.  Although generally a court claim in Spain can take between one to three years, there really is no definitive answer, as every court is different, and it depends on how much of a backlog is pending at each court.  Even the most efficient lawyer, who has wasted no time in preparing your case file and submitting it to the court can have his progress hindered by court backlogs which are out of his control.

But…there is a positive! Every day, whilst your case is waiting to be heard at court, you are earning money!  This is in legal interest, which is awarded to the compensation of your claim.  At the end of a successful court case, the judge will make a decision on awards for recovery of legal fees and legal interest to add to the claim.  Legal interest is added as compensation for the time it has taken for your case to be heard and concluded in court from the moment the case is first submitted to the court and is added on top of the amount you have claimed for, calculated as a percentage of your total claim amount.

So even though a court case can be a drag….you will be looking at a bigger reward at the end of it.

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