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The ground breaking Supreme Court Ruling in 2015 which saw a Norwegian lady receive a full refund and all other costs paid under her ownership to Anfi returned to her, as well as having her contract deemed null and void has paved the way for other Anfi owners to also take advantage of the opportunity to claim their money back.

Consumer fairness in formal and
non-formal contractual arrangements

The Supreme Court has confirmed that many Anfi contracts that were entered into after 5th January 1999 are illegal and could be declared null and void. If your Anfi ownership falls into the following circumstances, you could be entitled to a full refund, legal interest, and legal costs:

• You bought directly from Anfi
• You signed or upgraded your ownership after 5th January 1999
• You own a Points contracts with underlying weeks
• Your timeshare contract is in perpetuity or has an end date that runs for longer than 50 years. 

If your timeshare contract falls into any of these criteria, you could be entitled to claim back:

• The full purchase price
• Any amount paid within the first 3 months of signing your contract (this could mean that your claim is for double the purchase price paid)
• Legal interest from the date your claim is submitted to court

An application will also be made to the court for Anfi Vacation Club to cover your legal fees and any extra legal costs.

Owners who bought at
Anfi Vacation Club…

…may recognise a similar experience to the ones that are told to us by the people who make contact with O-YOO.  It has been reported that a number of owners were first pulled into a presentation by a person purporting to work for the local council or tourist board.  Many were given a scratch card which of course, turned out to be a prize winner and were told that they needed to visit Anfi to collect their gift. 

They were informed that they only needed to attend a presentation for around 20-30 minutes before claiming their prize and they could “just say no” to anything that was offered to them. At this point, it was never explained that the presentation they would be attending was a presentation for timeshare.  This contradicts the EU Directive 2008/122 with regards to advertising which states that “Where a timeshare, long-term holiday product, resale or exchange contract is to be offered to a consumer in person at a promotion or sales event, the trader shall clearly indicate in the invitation the commercial purpose and the nature of the event“.

Presentations could have a duration of 3 to 4 hours and attendees were at times subjected to high pressure selling techniques which resulted many times in the sale of a timeshare.  The problem is the legality of the timeshare contract.  A large proportion of Anfi Vacation Club contracts do not adhere to timeshare law, especially the Spanish Timeshare Law of 42/98 which states that any type of timeshare contract cannot run for a period of longer than 50 years. Contacts that have no end date or have an end date of over 50 years are classed as ´perpetuity´ contracts and this is one of the main grounds to pursue a claim to have your timeshare contract annulled and your money returned. 

If you bought a timeshare ownership at Anfi Vacation Club, get in contact with O-YOO to see if your contract fits the criteria to make a claim, and join the many other Anfi owners who are seeking restitution for their timeshare contract.

We do not cold call, so contact us using the form below for advice about your Anfi ownership.


If you have experienced any of the above issues, contact O-YOO to see if you could qualify for a claim. Press the button below to return to contact form or just call us directly on 0203 885 2719.